Affordable Housing
in partnership with the Kenyan Government

Why Moke Gardens


Having partnered with the government of Kenya through the Affordable Housing Projects initiative. Moke Gardens is able to offer quality apartment units at very competitive rates, in the beautiful scenic savanna of Mavoko.


Moke Garden is conveniently sited just minutes from Machakos town’s centre, yet easily accessed off Mombasa road which makes it just  minutes from Nairobi CBD. This makes Moke Gardens a potential residence for those working in Machakos, Nairobi or nearby area.


Green Architecture

Green Architecture is given emphasis both on the ground and on elevations of the apartment blocks. The green architecture minimises the “concrete jungle’ effect of high-rise apartments while at the same time provide a “green” environment that relieves residents of stress. It is a development that is fully or partially powered by green technology like solar energy. Others include rain harvesting and wind powered power generation.


The development and master plan maintains and enhances the tranquility and serene environment the site offers. This concept is articulated also in the buildings through integrated vertical gardens; spacious fenestration that allow visual connection to the outdoor and ventilation enhanced.


Moke Gardens is ideally located close to Machakos town, home to the Machakos Peoples Park, supermarkets, hospitals, Daystar University and other education facilities, making life for its residents much more convenient.