Our Story
Lukenya is a new upcoming area for home buyers and investors, with property prices on the rise as it begins to merge with Nairobi’s economy. With the infrastructure works coming to fruition, property values are likely to increase, making Moke Gardens as ideal investment to gain from the likely appreciation. We decided to come up with a project that would tap into the rapidly developing and growing area of Lukenya which is now served by a super highway from Nairobi making it close enough to commute daily to and from within 40 minutes, and yet feel serene enough from the congestion and hustle and bustle of Nairobi. The promise of security and safety offered to residents made the developer think of the gated community concept.

Moke Gardens Vision
To create a world class estate that will change the residences way of life by the way people LIVE, WORK and PLAY through innovative, eco-friendly and affordable developments.

Moke Gardens Mission
Our mission is to create quality, affordable housing through a goal oriented team that executes innovative ideas to change the landscape of the housing development while establishing sustainable wealth and a signature brand.

Moke Gardens Values
Our values revolve around providing Quality, Affordability, Innovative practices, Teamwork & Eco-friendly living and roll them all up into one.

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